Friday, October 27, 2006


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I know I've been away for a while but my life has been crazy busy these last couple of months. A new baby, a new job, being out of shape from the new baby, etc. Not that I'm complaining mind you...I'm as happy as can be. I mean - just look at the adorable baby. =)
I was thinking the other day about my experience in the hospital after having Ben. It was time to leave and they sent up some pimply faced girl, who had clearly been a volunteer for all of about 14 seconds, to take us down to the car. Miguel had already gone down to pull the car around and we were all eager to leave. The baby was dressed and sitting in his car seat and I hoped in the wheelchair. The pimply faced girl then began to push me out into the hall towards the elevator. I, of course, quickly reminded her that I was going to be needing my baby. She giggled a little, apologized, and handed me my baby. On our way! We rolled out to the elevator and sat in front of it waiting. At this point I thought it wise to remind the young lady that we should probably press the down button to speed things along. The doors opened and in we went. The girl then performed a hasty 9 point turn to get the baby and I turned towards the closing doors. Closing doors that caught my feet....twice...until I finally asked the girl to move me a back a little. At this point I just needed a distraction so I tried a little small talk. Since I had been in the hospital for 3 days, I decided to ask her about the weather. She responded by telling me she didn't know what the weather was like because she hadn't been outside yet. I then asked her if she hadn't been outside on her way to work today. She finally admitted that she had indeed been outside, however she was unable to remember what the weather was like. This is the point at which I got out of the wheelchair. I think the poor thing was so shocked that I got up that she couldn't even protest. I suppose I was lucky to get out at all! Poor thing. Hopefully she's improved since then....=)